Friday, August 24, 2012

Working with Dr. Aguirre - by Cristina Kline-Quiroz

We worked with Dr. Aquirre in a small clinic in derechos de los pobres.  I really enjoyed working with Dr. Aquirre.  He was incredibly genuine, empathetic, and warm to the parents. 

 He saw several patients, mostly women and young children.  He seemed to recognized all his patients and they all seemed to like him.  In contrast to some of the other doctors we have worked with, he didn’t have an air of condecention  when speaking with the patients.  He met his patients at their level; taking the time to allow them to express all their concerns without dimissing any of them.  Everything was explained clearly and all questions were answered.  He took the time to do a thorough physical.

 I thought that he really cared for his patients’ health and well being.  I also thought that he cared for us  by the way he took the time to explain the history and physical for us and detail what was important and why.

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