Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Reflection by Gary Zane - MS2

"Beese, Sully, Mike, Soap, and James.  This was my crew growing up.  To this day when I think of my boys, my true boys, this is them.  My younger brothers, Anthony and Michael, that's my heart and soul.  My cousins, Chris and Kevin, are my brothers from another, whose mother has a mother who happens to be the mother of mine.  And little Rose also, the flower.  The people in my life are what gives it meaning.  Like guitar strings that write their own music, each bond that's composed is its own song, and the music created vibrates into eternity.  And all the songs together play through my blood and my bones so that I am forever the singer and the listener to the music that is my being."

As I sat down to write my first reflection before we embarked on the trip to Duran, I came across this poem that I wrote last summer that I called "Yo soy.". It was refreshing. It's easy to get caught up in the daily routine of medical school and relationships, and this reminded me of who I am and why I decided to join Physicians for Humanity in the first place.

A reflection by Gary Zane